Current graduate vacancies

ALPHAS has a proven track record of placing graduates in the very best jobs where the work is stimulating, the financial rewards are good, and the career ladder can be climbed. 

So, if you are a recent graduate, looking to kick-start a highly successful career by gaining invaluable knowledge in a paid job, working in a real-life business environment, ALPHAS Graduate role could be what you’re looking for!


You will have the opportunity to work for a business for up to 3-6 months at £11.30p/h, (with an employer’s pension contribution of 3% and holiday pay), whilst being supported by university academics. Most employers chose to retain the graduate. So, this could be the start of something great - take a look at the current vacancies below and click the link to apply! 



New roles - offered through the University of Bedfordshire's Research and Innovation Service:


  • The graduate can be from any university, and any subject discipline, provided they have graduated at any degree or postgraduate level in the past 5 years.
  • Must be based in the South East Midlands area