Open University

Expanding your business with The Open University

The Open University (OU) has over 1000 academics, scientists and engineers working at the forefront of new research and technology.  We have the knowledge, expertise and creative problem-solving skills to address challenges faced by organisations of all sizes.  Our expertise in research is internationally recognised and we have a proven track record of benefiting companies large and small.

There are many different ways and different funding opportunities for you to access our knowledge and work collaboratively with us to help fulfil your organisation’s potential.

  • Collaboration,
  • Consultancy
  • Licensing

Our world-class research and innovation is already making an impact in the real world and could also be benefiting your company.  We work with businesses and other organisations to develop opportunities for collaborative and contract research and consultancy. This is one way in which we maximise the impact of our research and expertise.


Developing strong partnerships allows us to maximise the impact of our research. We have significant experience of developing partnerships based around our research as well as knowledge-based partnerships such:

  • Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) - KTPs allow you to drive your company forward through the recruitment of a high-calibre graduate and on-going support from the OU’s world-leading academics.
  • Internships - the OU’s highly motivated postgraduate students are available for industrial or office placements or support for small-scale projects.

We can work with you help you identify the partnership and potential SME funding that would most benefit your organisation, contact us for details.


Whether you need guidance on finance, technology, IT and communications, materials, processes, projects, or in many other areas, we can help. 

Contact us to explore how your organisation can work with the OU:-
Telephone: 01908 653921